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“Rock Beach” The Beach That Someone Don’t Know On Koh Samui

Written by TOM

Just a few people that come to this place. it’s quiet and looks not safe to sit alone here. If you come with a friend or maybe three more people, it’s will safer.

Image From Google Street View

This is the way to go down to the beach that has a lot of three, and right here you can see the sea water.

The same point when you went down to the beach and look up back.

My lucky, The weather in this evening is not cloudy. I can take a lot beautiful moment.

Just a few people that know this beach, its name “Rock Beach”. and you can see Koh mad-lang island too.

Why named this beach “Rock Beach”. The reason that you can see in above picture. Yes, most of the beach has a ton of rock. You can’t be swimming because it’s not safe to your foot.

location of Rock Beach near Pawanthon Resorts or check this google maps link,100.0773918,327m/data=!3m1!1e3

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